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The Shiva Paradox
An Advaitic Adventure


The Shiva Paradox
A Spiritual Adventure
Mark Sawyer
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Alone in India,Temple Cook
 is on a quest for Truth
 and he's on the run.
He wants to find the reason for it all
 from The Forever Sage,
 the mythical person who has found
 eternal youth and life.
At the same time, the Five are after him,
led by lethal Snake and monstrous Giant.
 Accusing Cook of being a traitor and a murderer,
a cruel rich New Age princess has a price on,
 and literally for, his head.
Cook finds more than he is looking for on his spiritual quest,
when the Five find him, with the beautiful Deena,
with ancient Shankar, Captain Tom (based on Bob Nickel) ,
the Saint, his other unforgettable friends,
and more, as he experiences
The Shiva Paradox.

Set in India,
every location is real,
every spiritual teaching actually said or written,
and almost every person is real,
though some names have been changed to protect the real person's privacy.
Spirituality,  India,  travel,  exotic locations, romance,
adventure, shocks, and surprises--

The Shiva Paradox.