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Married To Islam

 The True Story


Married To Islam 

Dalia Shah and Mark Sawyer
 Available HERE.
        Married To Islam tells the story of Dalia Shah.  Born and raised a Christian in Europe, Dalia was disenchanted by what she felt was the insincerity and superficiality of the Christianity around her. As a young woman she explored Judaism and Buddhism, but is was the Islam of the Koran as brought to the faithful by Mohammed, peace be upon him, that grabbed her.

       After studying the Koran intensively, Dalia converted to Islam.  Then she met and married a Euro-Arab Moslem man. They signed a marriage contract as part of their Islamic marriage ceremony. They had children, and for a while they were happy. However, things changed.

       First Dalia learned that the schools of Islam were taught in terrible ways. The students were taught about Islam in a way which did not distinguish the truths of the Koran from the most unproven and disreputable of the Islamic stories, collections of which are called ahadith.

       Dalia discovers that it is these weak ahadith that are at the root of many of the problems within Islam.  The unquestioning adherence to the lessons learned from these actually un-Islamic stories has caused many problems for women for many centuries. This blind belief in falsehood has also resulted in many of the teachings held as "true" by today's Islamic terrorists. 


         In Married To Islam the secrets of the Marriage Contract, of doing Islamic marriage the right way, and facts regarding how Islam has turned out differently than Mohammed (s) meant for Islam to be are all included.

        By using this Islamic type of Koran-approved pre-nuptial agreement (the Marriage Contract)  any non-Moslem can make sure of custody rights, alimony, the right to live and work where and when one chooses, and more, before an Islamic marriage.  There is also much more about women's rights under true Islam, and the surprising revelation that, especially for his time, Mohammed (s) was actually very progressive regarding women.  He even  worked for one of  his wives for many years.

         Points of view regarding Bush versus Osama, 9/11, and how this affected her husband and their marriage are also included. Dalia contends that most Moslems prefer a third way-- not that of an invading US or a terrorizing Al Queda.  

       All of this comes as Dalia tells the story of her marriage, of raising her children in Europe amidst the religious and cultural conflicts inherent to her situation, and how 9//11 has made things even harder.  That, and the increasing Islamic conservatism of her husband as he grew older, and as he lapsed into depression, something which happens to many Islamic men in the West.

       Married To Islam is an interesting, informative, and important book. An interesting story, it also tells much that many in the West would be wise to hear. Plus, just getting to know Dalia Shah is worth it. Her patience and perseverance are traits worthy of a saint, though she would never agree to that comparison. are revealed.
Available HERE

Dalia's story both enthralls and shocks the reader.
She's a kind loving woman caught in a real-life nightmare.
Just as interesting are the many surprising facts about Islam--
both how and why it is how it is
and the way it was intended to be.
"An important and fascinating book."   Belva Lane, Blogger