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Accuracy is important Here are the Corrections to each of my books.

SinkingTheSamuraiAdmiralYi.jpgSINKING THE SAMURAI The Priest Wonho's Memories of Admiral Yi No factual mistakes have been found in this book, which is not surprising. The book was based on Admiral Yi's own Diary, his Memorials to the Court (letters to the King), and on the biography written by his nephew who had been at his side for much of the war. Wishing I had titled the book "Sinking the Samura" in order to attract more readers is not a factual mistake, nor is having gone overboard with too many prologues, timelines, and such.

 Married To Islam,  co-written with Dalia Shah. So far, no right-wing Islamist has challenged any of Dalia's assertions about Mohammed (s), her interpretations of the Koran, the truth regarding how women should be treated under Islam as opposed to what really is happening today, or anything else in this book. That she is correct is, to my (Mark's) mind, undoubted, but those who have been raised with traditional and cultural Islam, as opposed to what I would call true Islam, will inevitably come to the attack someday.

  ANickelsWorthFrontCover.jpg A Nickel's Worth The Spiritual Message and Amazing Life of "Captain Bob" Nickel . I lived with Bob through much of the content of this book, and heard the stories recounted at least a dozen times each, so there are no major "factual" errors. In one place I did write that Ramanasram is southeast of the town of Tiruvannamalai, when it is actually to the southwest

The Shiva Paradox As a novel, I could excuse any mistakes here, but in fact I endeavored to make this book as accurate as possible regarding India: it's locations, the people I've met there (though often with changed names to protect their privacy), and the spiritual teachings I've experienced there. Happily, even Bhakta Krishna was happy with how it turned out.



MSNSSONECover.jpgMaster, Swami, Nun, Sinner, Swinger, ONE 

           All of the matters mentioned below are not part of any e-book purchased or book printed since Oct 7, 2014.

In the pre-October 7, 2014 version, the keen eyes and mind of a good friend found a few matters that need to be clarified. Here they are:

  • Regarding Papaji, he did meet Swami Abhishktananda on the slopes of Arunachala, but it was in 1953, not "in the late '40's." Second, Papaji was not an "aspirant"or a "robust and husky Hindu seeker" (page 11) when they met. According to Bhakta Krishna, already (these were in the late forties) "His meetings with Ramana Maharshi had led conclusively to Freedom." Third, these two worthies were not close "friends for life." The two did have a falling out of sorts much later.
  • Regarding Nisargadatta Maharaj,one person who was greatly influenced by Nisargadatta's teachings, Robert Powell, was listed as one of those who "came from all over the world to sit with and hear Nisargadatta." In fact, Robert Powell, like Bob Nickel of A Nickel's Worth and of this book, considered Nisargadatta to be one of his teachers, but never actually met him (page 44). Second, in fact, when Papaji met Nisargadatta only Nisargadatta was famous among westerners. Papaji's popularity was still to come. (page 71)
  • Donovan Leach is actually spelled Donovan Leitch, and I am referring to the senior Donovan, not his son who has more recently come into vogue. (Pages 12 & 49)
  • Maharishi Yogi is more accurately identified as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. (Page 49)
  • Carl Renz is actually Karl Renz. (Page 56)

Also on the original version, a link to an unauthorized "wizard" version of V. Ganesan's master work, Ramana Periya Puranam (Inner Journey of 77 Old Devotees) by V. Ganesan was mistakenly included. Ramana Periya Puranam is the text as Ganesan wishes it to be, not any other version. 

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