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For Frank Rich, a hard-nosed, successful, and honest Prosecuting Attorney, life is almost over.

Cancer is attacking his brain. With a few good months left, he leaves California to do his "bucket list."

This includes the tropics, lovely ladies, the Himalayas, and India.

He's looking in a new way at Buddha, God, and what the Hindu's call Advaita ("non-duality"). Except, old habits die hard.

Murder comes a-calling. Corruption, treachery, and deceit. A dear friend is darkly gone.

His instincts say to strike for justice, but he's a retired man, soon to die, and a stranger in a very strange land.

What can he do?

 Raise international Hell and rock the subcontinent, as it turned out. 


"Excellent! I like all your books, but do write more adventures like this!" 

Belva Kirby (of "Belva's List)


Available as an E-Book


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