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"Count me as one lucky SOB," said Mark Sawyer.

"I've met some of the greatest spiritual teachers,

and one of the top Meditation teachers,


of the 21st century."

They are:

Robert Wolfe, a quiet married gentleman who'd studied Zen,

Swami Atmananda Udasin, who as a youth was called to religion, then to academia, and then to India,

V. Ganesan, a boy born into a family with a wondrous uncle,

Ramesh Balsekar, a bodybuilding Bombay banker who always told the truth,

Bob Nickel. a modern John Wayne who went "from pirate to guru,"

and Mae Chee Brigitte Schrottenbacher, a "Party Girl" who realized there had to be more.



Includes much about Sri Ramana Maharshi,

tales of Arthur Osborne, Swami Ajatananda, Kalidas the musician,

and much about many others.


Here are stories of the lives and incredible messages of six persons whose spiritual insights could change your life. 


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