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Dalia Shah cannot be pictured on the cover of  Married To Islam  since Dalia has to keep her actual identity a secret. Even the name "Dalia Shah" is a pseudonym. The reasons for this are in the book.

Married to Islam includes:
  • Dalia's life story-- how a young Christian European woman came to convert to Islam and to marry a Euro-Arabic man, and what has happened since.

  • The truth about Islam, which to Dalia is that in fact Islam is a religion of peace and that is kind to women. However, today it is too often lived and interpreted in ways that are different than the ways Mohammed, peace be upon him, had intended.

  • The secrets of marrying an Islamic person "the right way." Sure methods to keep child custody and financial battles from every happening by (ironically?) fully implementing Islamic law before the marriage. This is something most non-Islamic persons aren't aware of, and in many cases later this ignorance is the cause of many tragic problems.

  • Dalia's perspectives about Osama B., George B, Barack O., and how there is another way, the way that in fact most Moslems are following.

  • On top of everything else, how dealing with a "depressive" husband effected her, and the development of her children. (As mentioned in The Trouble With Islam Today by Irshad Manjji, in the west a very high percentage of Moslem men experience these conditions.)

  • Some insights from other friends and acquaintances of Dalia who were raised Christian but married Islamic men.

  • Dalia repeatedly expressed that she wanted her book to be a positive thing for Moslems and non-Moslems alike. She hopes that this book will help persons of all faiths to understand each other better.

She assserts that there are close-minded right wing Islamists, Christians, Jews, and Hindus in the world, and that actually they are all the same, at least in their behaviors and attitudes. The life of "others" becomes cheap to these persons, and all in the name of God, or Allah.

She laments this, but maintains a positive and loving spirit that is almost hard to comprehend given the ordeals she experiences.

This is a very interesting book. It is full of surprises, worthwhile information, and memorable scenes and stories. It gives another perspective, similar but different, to those of Infidel and The Trouble With Islam Today.
Dalia is not (yet) a speaker in public like the writers of these and other worthwhile books, but she hopes her book can add to the efforts to reform in Islam that they also promote.

To repeat, she also hopes that her book will help others to understand some truths about Islam. These are that it is truly a beautiful religion, and that most Moslems don't approve of Osama bin Laden planning the deaths of women and children in the USA and other western countries. However, they also cannot condone the Bush-ordered bombers killing Islamic women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else.  

In an important part of her message, Dalia talks about a "Third Way" for Islam.  It is not the path of bin Laden nor is it the path of "You're either with me or against me" Bush. To repeat, it is this third way that Dalia sees most Moslems choosing today. However, she also maintains that more needs to be done, and tells why.


About Married To Islam:

"Reading this book, I got to where
I couldn't wait to find out what
was going to happen next."

Rebecca McDonald

Married To Islam

is available